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baby cos lettuce and ruby chard
are this weeks greens for veg boxes
baby cos lettuce and ruby chard
are this weeks greens for veg boxes
Being back to work is Delicious!

Being back to work is Delicious!

ImageI know, ‘delicious’ is not a term usually used to describe work, but in our line of business, at this time of year, it is thoroughly apt.

We all trundled in to the packing shed last Monday morning and set to work surrounded by the sights and smells of the best that Summer has to offer (apart from swims in the dam, or for my youngest, our favourite local pool) and we were all happy to be there. Imagine going back to work and being happy to be there! May you all be as blessed.

We did some solid work during the ‘holidays’ and rewarded ourselves ( and my ever patient daughter ) with evenings at the pool. Not everything got done, but most of the big things did, and our final project should be finished by the end of February… fingers crossed (always good to have a few things up your sleeve).

We had some team changes at the end of last year with Nick, our local delivery man, moving to NSW and our lovely Margaret retiring. I missed her already first day back in the shop and what a day that was, squeezing Thursday and Friday into one day!

We didn’t quite manage it with deliveries to Taradale, Malmsbury and Kyneton having to wait until Saturday morning (thanks all for your patience) and Grahams weekend work load increased two fold (bless him… public holidays don’t really exist in this business) but hopefully we ‘appeared’ to run smoothly!

Friday was also the first day of work for the lovely Georgia, who came all the way from the Adelaide Hills to join the team and was promptly thrown in the deep end. She swam beautifully though and even enjoyed herself, she said, and is looking forward to this weeks enticements.Image

‘Enticements’?… mmmm yes!

Sprout bakery will be delivering their fantastic fruit buns again on Thursday with their usual bread order and Crumbs Organic Bakery will be sending up it’s array of sourdough breads as well, along with their scrolls and sourdoughnuts… bit excited about the lemon curd doughnuts myself (you can order any or all of the above with your boxes… Brilliant!

Friday customers will have the opportunity to trial our first run of ….. ice-cream!!

Non-dairy, non-soy, no added sugars, eggs , gluten or…… well nothing actually but pure, delicious, fruit ice-cream!

This weeks flavour is banana and blueberry but I warn you, there is a limited amount while we get it all up and running and I apologise now to anyone who dawdles and is disappointed….. See you there ( it’s going to be a great year!)

X Caithlin

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