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baby cos lettuce and ruby chard
are this weeks greens for veg boxes
baby cos lettuce and ruby chard
are this weeks greens for veg boxes

Down to earth gardening bee

So it’s not quite September yet, but though some might think ‘man rules the earth’, it seems quite obvious that the earth thinks for itself regardless of what the more arrogant of it’s residents believe … the up shot is, it may be mid August but spring has most definitely sprung!

The rocket is wild in the garden, taking up far more space than is reasonable, the rhubarb is lush and green…. (I heard back from some that the rhubarb plants we sold are doing very well, hope it’s the same for all of you )… The garlic is happy ( as long as I keep weeding), as is the beetroot, the leeks are ready and there are new babies to plant out….. Oh there’s more & it’s endless! … And in the middle of it all the bulbs are spreading sunshine and the other flowers are on their way.

So why did I wake up with a feeling of panic in the wee hours?

Well, it is ‘bloomin’ lovely but it’s something like a child first thing in the morning… I’m a tad bleary eyed, waking after a long sleep, somewhat blinded by the light of the day…. And it, with it’s youthful exuberance,  leaps and squeals with joy, drags me out into the world while I’m still rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

The sunshine is warm and delicious & I will enjoy it, a grand excuse to be out weeding, I’m holding my own, almost, but it’s a relatively young garden and there is so much possible and I itch to make headway so…. With that in mind, and having had some visitors to the garden lately and more in the offing, I have decided to open the garden up to our food garden customers… Come and be a part of it all for a day, bring a plate, share some food together, and we can share gardening beyond permaculture – holistic, down to earth gardening.

Sunday 11th September

80 Fords rd., Campbells creek (Yapeen)

(on the Daylesford edge of Castlemaine)

9 till 1… Then stay to share food if you like More exact directions will follow but a show of hands for how many are coming would help us prepare.

From Campbells Creek Post Office, turn down Cememtary Road; turn left down Fords Road (no through road), past house and sheds, with tractors and machinery, along a dirt road for about 2km until you see our sign “Meave” on right; its the place with the yurt on the hill. Call 0468779275 for directions if you get stuck.

Click for Google Map

Enjoy the sunshine!

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