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with love from the bottom of Food Garden heart

Resilience in the Garden

Walking through the garden recently, the remnants of the harsh summer just gone were still there to be seen. The ginkgo tree all but given up for dead (twice in two years), a fig tree cutting planted “temporarily” in the corner of the garden away from the drip system, and a beautiful horse chestnut that shot up in late spring and then waned and burned through those scorching hot days. All of these plants had been almost given up on during summer; and yet in early autumn, they all started to sprout new life. It got me thinking about the...

Drying Herbs

Herbs can be used for a variety of purposes: as culinary flavoring, adding spice and depth to meals, or as medicine to treat or prevent common ailments. Having a home medicine chest of medicinal plants is extremely useful and growing ones own herbs and preserving them for later use past their normal expiration time are two big advantages of being able to dry your own herbs. But preserving them in such a way as to maintain flavor or, for medicinal plants, in such a way as to keep their medicinal properties intact are two main concerns when doing this. Thankfully,...

After the rain….

We went down to work in the garden this morning And all we could say was, “Oh my!” …. and we said that for the next 1/2 hour as we gloried in the beauty before us. I am still stuck for words. A summer garden after the rain…… “Oh My !!…    

Being back to work is Delicious!

I know, ‘delicious’ is not a term usually used to describe work, but in our line of business, at this time of year, it is thoroughly apt. We all trundled in to the packing shed last Monday morning and set to work surrounded by the sights and smells of the best that Summer has to offer (apart from swims in the dam, or for my youngest, our favourite local pool) and we were all happy to be there. Imagine going back to work and being happy to be there! May you all be as blessed. We did some solid work...

It’s all happening….

We were not quite prepared for the gardens surprises today. As soon as my back  was well enough I went down to the garden. Head down, tail up, I spent my time trying to get on top of the rampaging weeds I took notice here and there. But obviously not enough to be prepared for the gardens abundance today. You know how it is with life. Sometimes you wake up and almost immediately your to-do list starts scrolling through your mind. Other days you wake up to the sunrise, hold your breath in awe of the day, and start your...