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Beekeeping (apiculture, from apis, Latin for bee), is maintenance of a colony of bees, usualky in a man-made box that contains a hive. People keep bees for honey production, as well as the production of beeswax and other by-products, such as pollen (which is a remedy for allergies), and royal jelly. Bees are also integral to agriculture that requires pollination, as bees pollinate plants while collecting nectar (which they use as food). To this end, the relative instability of bee colonies worldwide (generally referred to as “Colony Collapse Disorder”), has been distressing, as global agriculture is very dependent on the...

Rainwater Catchment

Water is an incredibly important resource. Without ready access to it, we die. Water, theoretically, is a renewable resource, at least, before the specter of climate change became discernible. With some simple design, we can harvest the water we get in the form of rain to reuse. We can use in irrigating plants, or, in emergency situations, we may purify it to drink. Rainwater catchment is sometimes used with home-scale wetlands, in order to maximize the total amount of water one’s property can store. It’s an incredibly easy practice to get into and one with great potential to adapt into...

Good Quality Eggs

by Grace McCaughey The very best quality egg you can possibly have is one that is collected from a spotlessly clean nest box within an hour of being laid by a healthy, well cared for hen. This egg will be perfectly clean, still warm, have a lovely strong even shell, will be a good shape with one slightly pointed end, and be an attractive colour. When broken out into a pan, the yolk will be exactly in the centre of a compact layer of thick white. It will cover less than the size of a small saucer. When hard boiled,...

Time to Order Seeds!

So here I am laid up in bed; which is better than the cold floor I lay on yesterday afternoon till I braved the crawl to here! It took a while to get over the shock of being bought up so short, I do not take to my bed easily; which brings from those who know me a chorus of “well this will stop you”… & of course it has. I have lay a-bed while the watering system in the garden was finished (thanks to Taron & Graham there will be no lugging buckets this year… luxury!) I have dozed...

Down to earth gardening bee

So it’s not quite September yet, but though some might think ‘man rules the earth’, it seems quite obvious that the earth thinks for itself regardless of what the more arrogant of it’s residents believe … the up shot is, it may be mid August but spring has most definitely sprung! The rocket is wild in the garden, taking up far more space than is reasonable, the rhubarb is lush and green…. (I heard back from some that the rhubarb plants we sold are doing very well, hope it’s the same for all of you )… The garlic is happy...