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  • FRUIT & SALAD Medium Box
  • FRUIT & SALAD Medium Box

FRUIT & SALAD Medium Box

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A selection of organic fruit and vegetables for typical diets. We make up our boxes fresh each morning, with around one third fruit, and two thirds vegetables.

This week (17 December) the FRUIT & SALAD Food Box contains a selection of:

dutch carrots, red onions, sweet corn, mushrooms, fennel, beetroot, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, lettuce, rocket, apples, banana, nectarines, mango, peaches, rockmelon

Beetroot 400g Inverleigh
Cucumber 200g Inverleigh
Dutch Carrots bunch Swan Hill
Fennel bulb Gippsland
Lettuce head Labertouche
Mushrooms 150g Benalla
Salad Onions 400g Queensland
Sweet Corn 2 cobs Queensland
Tomato 300g Queensland
Apples 500g South Aust
Banana 1.2kg St Germain
Nectarines 500g Swan Hill
Peaches 400g Swan Hill
Rockmelon half Queensland


You will get a good mix based on what is best value and in season at the time. All the produce is certified organic or biodynamic, and is sourced with preference to local growers.

The contents of the food box will change week to week to give diversity of produce, and will change with the seasons during the year.
Select the size most appropriate for your needs; and use the Comments section at Checkout to enter any items you do not wish to be included in your food box (your "No-List").

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