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seasonal root veg in this weeks boxes:
celeriac, parsnip, swede, beetroot
seasonal root veg in this weeks boxes:
celeriac, parsnip, swede, beetroot
Masterchef at Home!

Masterchef at Home!

A couple of customers from Bendigo dreamed up this fun night, by recreating Masterchef at home.

They’ve shared the guidelines below. Sounds like a fun night. Here’s a description of the night in Harry’s words.


We started at about 7:30pm and wrapped it all up at about 11:30!
We had four delicious dishes in the end (M & F were very clever and threw two dishes together!) and we had loads of fun.
We even ended with a clean kitchen!
Each couple supplied 6 items in their mystery box and we could use all or some of the items along with any pantry items necessary to complete the dish. We did not set a time limit but just tried to work as quickly as we could and clean up to allow the next couple to begin.   Mystery Box No.1 (supplied by Laura & Harry) Prawns Tomatoes Coriander Fetta Limes Wonton Wrappers


Meg and Fraser created prawn dumplings in a broth & fresh pasta with tomato & fetta.

Mystery Box No.2 (supplied by Brenda & Alastair) Pork Fillet Vermicelli Noodles Rice Paper sheets Coriander Mushrooms – enoki & Swiss brown Snow peas

Laura & Harry created a savoury pancake with seared pork fillet, mushrooms in butter with a vermicellin noodle salad.

Mystery Box No.3 (supplied by Meg & Fraser) Cream Dark chocolate Vanilla beans Butter Pears Eggs

Brenda & Alastair created a rich chocolate mousse, with sautéed pears and vanilla bean cream.


We thoroughly recommend this way to have a dinner party!

Hope we have inspired you to have a go too!


Love Harry & Laura xo






Guidelines for Mystery Box Dinner Party

Two entrees and a dessert

· Please bring no more than six food items to make up your mystery box. (these items need to feed six people as part of a three course meal).

· All the items in the mystery box do NOT need to be used in order to prepare a dish.

· We will provide pantry items. (flour, butter, oil etc)

· You will have a time limit to prepare, cook and plate up your meal.

· You need to allow time to return the kitchen to a reasonable state ready for the next couple.

· You can bring your own cook books if you feel that will help or use ours.

· The box could contain the major ingredients that you know as a dish ( you could be very surprised what is presented to you.)

· If you have a favourite knife of fry pan feel free to bring it but you are more than welcome to use ours.

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