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This week's boxes are full of smoky celeriac, nice sized cauliflower, ripe pumpkin,
fresh spinach and wombok, plus the usual staples of local carrots and spuds.
This week's boxes are full of smoky celeriac, nice sized cauliflower, ripe pumpkin, fresh spinach and wombok, plus the usual staples of local carrots and spuds.


What they're saying about The Food Garden

Thank you so much for what you do. Your food boxes are the single most powerful thing that keep my family healthy. Your contribution to our environment, community and families is invaluable. Such powerful work you do in the world. We appreciate it and value it more than I can express. Sarah

I wanted to tell you I'm really liking the quality and variety of the produce, and playing with new ingredients. My head aches and migraines are also becoming less frequent :) Taryn

I just had to let you know about the taste blowing week I've had thanks to you! For dinner I enjoyed sweet corn that was so sweet and juicy it was even better than my own home grown! Then today I gouged small spoonfuls of biodynamic Rockmelon, that was so juicy and tasty that even small mouthfuls exploded and dribbled down my chin. So sweet and intense I can't even describe what that rockmelon tasted like - wow! Helene

Really, great produce, really great service. We bought some Kohlrabi in our last order (not that easy to find) and found a great Kohlrabi and Ham bake recipe. Amazing stuff. Look forward to our next order! Anthony

I'd also like to take the opportunity to thank you for providing such a great service - before we started getting the food boxes my daughter only ate apples and my plate hardly ever saw a vegetable - now we get through the food box each week between the two of us and I can't even begin to tell you how much the improvement to our diet has had wide- reaching positive effects on our lives. I've heard others say they've tried organic deliveries from other companies and haven't been very happy, so I'm glad we stumbled across your website and have changed our eating habits for life. Jaye

Our food box has reinvigorated our cooking - it is so nice to have such a wonderful range of quality organic produce! Emma

My granddaughter who lives with me gets excited when she sees the box, she dives in to take the pickings, sweet corn this time..Nana can we have sweet corn NOW!! Carrots were eaten raw for afternoon mouthed. So much for a child when she came to me only ate chicken nuggets, no vegies or fruit. Carolyn

What a great start to the New Year; the best cantaloupe I have tasted in years and a return of the best grapes in the world! We have a name for them in our house "rainbow grapes", because they are the closest thing to how a rainbow might taste! Thanks Sally

Thanks Food Garden. We really appreciate your service and the fruit and vegetables are wonderful. My older children are eating a lot more fruit than they use to and it is great to know that it is so good for them. Leanne

I just received my first food box yesterday and just wanted to tell you how impressed I was - delivered right to my door, everything was nice and cold despite the warm weather, well packed, exactly what I wanted (with an extra zucchini thrown in for good measure), not to mention organic, good quality, and I didn't have to lug it all home from the store - I am thrilled, thank you.Robyn

I had my first food box delivery this week and it was fantastic. Very fresh food, tastes beautiful and great value too.Angela

Hi, I have been receiving a food box for 2 weeks now -ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- sooo fresh and SUCH good value for money... Thank you thank you thank you!!!! So, I seriously can't thank you enough for the wonderful gift of this food box.Astrid

Yum Yum Yum!! You guys are great. Thanks.Jennifer

I just would like to say that I think you do an amazing job with the whole business of supplying us people with fantastic food that takes into consideration ALL the sustainability issues (social, environmental, economic, cultural) we face and still earn a livelihood from it (at least I hope you do!). The garden, the website, shop, the plantings, the new kinds of boxes, the delivery, the service, the getting of the vegies and sorting and haggling and wheeling dealing and boxes that do and don't come back, and the friendly engagement, and being people and partners and workers and livers and be-ers and doe-ers and creating something new and vibrant and yummy and wholesome and integrated and connected in OUR community....for all this and more....thank YOU!! Terry

Just wanted to say how much I am loving my vegies delivered weekly. The quality of the produce is absolutely A+. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Jo

The food box this week is GREAT! It seems like it is more value for money. There is more fruit and a good variety. We love fruit and the excitement of seeing what is in the box each week. We also love the presentation of the goodies in the brown paper bags and the way they are folded over at the top. Great work. Laura, Bendigo

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