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Seasonal. Organic.

Sourcing from growers throughout central Victoria, we create organic food boxes full of seasonal fruit and veg.

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What's in season

We speak to the growers about what's in the paddocks and what they're picking this week. We then design what's in the boxes, upload it to the website and send out the seasonal list by email.


Which box ?

Choose your food box that suits you. Add any extras like rice, flour, raw treats, eggs and sourdough bread.

If you need to swap items out of the box for something else on the seasonal list, leave us a note at Checkout.


Pack and deliver

Once all the produce arrives for the week, we make last minute changes to the contents of the box based on your requests.

We carefully pack your food box here and deliver to your door for as little as $3.85.


Eat your veg

Enjoy the best of seasonal organic produce, picked from our preferred growers for you.

Eat with the rhythms of the seasons, and appreciate the produce as it arrives and then leaves from month to month.


Order your box

Now you know how it all works, join us and receive your first food box this week.

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Delivering through central Victoria

open for orders

Our most popular box

A mixed box of fruit and veg, organic and seasonal. Great value for a small family - medium size $45.

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