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Where is the produce sourced from? Is it local?

Box schemes aim to bring customers seasonal organic and biodynamic produce when they are at their peak in quality and freshness. For this reason, we buy according to seasonality and quality, sourcing as much as possible from local grower networks.

We also visit the markets in Melbourne, with a focus on sourcing from central Victorian growers. The boxes are packed and delivered the same day as we source the fresh produce..

Can I select what goes into my food box?

We provide seasonal lists with each order and fill the boxes with whatever tastes and looks great that week. Because of this, the scheme works on the basis of you telling us what you don’t want.

Your “no list” can be a permanent arrangement (eg. you never eat brussel sprouts) or just for that week or month (eg. you have plenty of lettuces growing in your garden). If you have specific preferences or “must haves”, please let us know when you order.

Of course, you can create your own food box, by selecting from the Fruit and Vegetables rather than choosing a standard food box.

Do you deliver or can I pick up the box?

We deliver to homes in most towns, aswell as providing central pick up points for you to choose from.

What do I do with the empty box?

The food boxes are delivered in reusable (and recycled) containers, which are swapped over when you order a box. A refundable box deposit of $15 is required on your first order. We also provide bulk dried goods in calico bags which can be returned with your box.

Do you charge for delivery?

Delivery charges vary from $2,75 for central pick-up points to $3.85 for home delivery in Castlemaine, Daylesford and Bendigo, and $4.95 for Ballarat and Buninyong.

We prefer to keep produce prices at affordable levels, and charge for delivery separate, rather than building delivery charge into the price of the produce. And as our orders grow in an area, we have been able to reduce the price of the delivery for you.

When are orders due in?

Orders need to be in by Wednesday 11pm for Thursday and Friday deliveries.

Aswell as ordering online, you can ring us on 5470 5548 or email