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Spring Famine

Have you noticed the birds in the last week? All of a sudden, the energy and movement seem to be up. It seems like they're telling us Spring is on its way. The blossom on the fruit trees are saying it’s here already! Changing of seasons means changes in the paddocks, and in the food boxes. Growers for the Summer season start to clean off the boots and get ready for turning in green manure and preparing seedlings. We associate Spring with new growth, abundance, warmth, awakening. And so it’s always a surprise when we don’t see a huge abundance...

Can Your Own Food

For the self-reliant out there, few skills are more useful than the ability to preserve the food one has grown. Canning is the process of storing processed foods, homegrown vegetables, meats, sauces, stocks and many other food products that are then preserved during the lean months for consumption when not much that is fresh food is available. It is a bit of a labor-intensive process, but it is also easy to grasp. All you need is some basic equipment: a canning pot, some jars, sealing lids and rings, and maybe some friends to help you process your food. What you’re...