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Can Your Own Food

For the self-reliant out there, few skills are more useful than the ability to preserve the food one has grown. Canning is the process of storing processed foods, homegrown vegetables, meats, sauces, stocks and many other food products that are then preserved during the lean months for consumption when not much that is fresh food is available. It is a bit of a labor-intensive process, but it is also easy to grasp. All you need is some basic equipment: a canning pot, some jars, sealing lids and rings, and maybe some friends to help you process your food. What you’re...

Fringe Festival @ Conscious Caravan

This festival at the Food Garden and Conscious Caravan, we have a full program of locally and internationally recognised performers and artists for your enjoyment. Circus from the Chiploatas and friends, local blues singer Hilary Blackshaw,  story tellers Andrew McKenna and Taffy Thomas and more; along with a permanent exhibition open for the full week and half including, beautiful watercolours, a complete graffiti alley inside the Food Garden, glorious wall paper hangings, t shirts with emotion and fundraisers for the inspirational folk at OrphFund.   Program of Performances SATURDAY March 14 2pm : Storytime Sollai Andrew McKenna Taffy Thomas SUNDAY March 15 3pm...

Menu @ Conscious Caravan

Breakfast: – Seasonal fruit smoothie – Green smoothie – House made activated granola with coconut cream & seasonal fruit (grain free) – Chia pudding   Lunch: – Fresh dip platter, with babaganoush, roasted beetroot dip, smoked pumpkin dip, with our house made grain free rosemary, garlic & olive crackers – Nori wraps with our own cashew mayonnaise & roast pumpkin dip – Quinoa and roast pumpkin salad with potato rosti Desserts: –  Check our display for the best in raw treats & delights (caramel cups, almendines, death by chocolate, hand made chocolates, domenicas)

The Open Food Revolution

This is a reprint of a talk by friend of The Food Garden and avid activist for stronger connections between growers and eaters, Kirsten Larsen. It was presented this week at the Festival of Ideas, and we thought it was well worth sharing here. Can you imagine what Melbourne’s food system will look like in 2033? Kirsten has it all sketched out in this inspiring read. Enjoy! Melbourne as the seed of the open food revolution, when we stopped asking nicely ‘Imagine it is October 2nd 2033 and we now live in a world in which the transition to a...

So what do you do the rest of the week?

As we now only deliver Thursday and Friday, many of you ask “well, what do you do the rest of the week?” I’d love to say “nothing much”, but these food boxes don’t grow themselves people! (Well, strike that, they do actually…) After years of working weekends, our week now starts Monday morning in the Garden, making compost, catching up on jobs, weeding, cleaning up, not much planting at the moment. The Garden has been a bit neglected these winter months as life’s dramas and adventures have taken over, but we’ll be resuming to normal transmission very soon. Monday afternoon...