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seasonal root veg in this weeks boxes:
celeriac, parsnip, swede, beetroot
seasonal root veg in this weeks boxes:
celeriac, parsnip, swede, beetroot
Week 2 - Kalie Apples, Nashi Pears, Blood Plums, Rockmelon and Avocado

Week 2 - Kalie Apples, Nashi Pears, Blood Plums, Rockmelon and Avocado

The rains locally (and up north) have disrupted things a little more than first thought.

Local summer crops of capsicum, cucumber, zucchini, tomato all have been pushed back a few weeks.

And banana groves were damaged in that cyclone weather near Cairns.

But there is always something happening, and it usually works out in the end. Swings and roundabouts 🙂

Pears, apples, plums have all benefited - and the new season looks to be a nice one for those picks.

Eat well,

PS. Choose from one of our box selection, and let us know your “no list”; or make one of your own by choosing the vegetables and fruit you prefer.



The MIXED Food Box contains a selection of:

carrots, onions, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, squash, sweet corn, lettuce, silverbeet, spinach, apples, banana, oranges, plums, pears, nashi, rockmelon

The VICTORIAN Food Box contains a selection of:

carrots, beetroot, kohlrabi, cabbage, sweet corn, beans, capsicum, eggplant, cucumber, tomato, leek, zucchini, squash, lettuce, silverbeet, spinach, apples, oranges, plums, pears, nashi, rockmelon, avocado



Plenty of green CAPSICUM from Mildura, but coloured caps are from up north whilst we wait for a little more sun to ripen the Vic crops.

EGGPLANT is coming from biodynamic gardens at Inverleigh, and will be in the boxes once again as the broccoli and cauliflower dries up.

LEBANESE CUCUMBER also from Inverleigh as well as Labertouche has slowed slightly, but it will be temporary only - still plenty to go in this season.

Ronald in Campbelltown is picking yellow SQUASH this week for the boxes, as ZUCCHINI from Inverleigh and Yarra Valley has a dip. Local zukes should be starting pretty soon, with Ronald and Florian both picking.

KOHLRABI is back in the Victorian boxes and available from Ronalds farm.

Greens will be SILVERBEET and SPINACH for the boxes. KALE from Labertouche returns in two varieties, green curly and cavelo nero.

For the Victorian boxes, BEANS and CORN comes from Koo Wee Rup; and instead of onions, we’ll have LEEK from Colac.

Blood PLUMS from the Shepparton area will be the “Donsworth” variety, and available for orders.

The PLUMS we have in the boxes will be from Harcourt, and included as a small bonus in this week's boxes as they were picked and provided free of charge from local growers who needed them off their trees. We hand graded them, but there will be some markings on these, and some bruised ones may slip through.

ROCKMELON is now coming from Mildura, and small halves will be in the boxes for the week.

New season APPLES continue with the Kalie variety, our pick for the boxes, as well as Williams Pride (soft flesh) from biodynamic orchards.

New season biodynamic brown NASHI PEARS start also.



Sauteed Leek, Silverbeet And Hot Sopressa Gozleme



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