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new season wombok, celeriac and
daikon radish as winter rolls on
new season wombok, celeriac and
daikon radish as winter rolls on
Week 41 - Artichokes, Radish, Broad Beans, Cos Lettuce, Fennel, Pink Grapefruit and Mango

Week 41 - Artichokes, Radish, Broad Beans, Cos Lettuce, Fennel, Pink Grapefruit and Mango

It’s usually a slow time for produce in Spring - counterintuitive maybe, but growers are busy raising seedlings and planting rather than harvesting.

Which is why it's always nice when we get something new at this time of year.

This week, we have purple artichokes from Gippsland, pink grapefruit from Mildura and a new Broad Beans grower - with a couple of lovely recipes to go with the veg boxes.

Eat well,

PS. Choose from one of our box selection, and let us know your “no list”; or make one of your own by choosing the vegetables and fruit you prefer.



The MIXED Food Box contains a selection of:

carrots, onions, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, parsnip, beetroot, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, eggplant, fennel, broad beans, celery, lettuce, spinach, silverbeet, apples, banana, oranges, mandarin, tangelo, grapefruit

The VICTORIAN Food Box contains a selection of:

potato, leek, beetroot, celeriac, kohlrabi, asparagus, broad beans, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, radish, artichoke, lettuce, silverbeet, kale, spinach, apples, pears, oranges, mandarin, tangelo, grapefruit



New season purple ARTICHOKES from Koo Wee Rup will be in the Victorian boxes, and we have found a real simple recipe with parmesan cheese and garlic for you. It's much easier than you think :)

Same goes for BROAD BEANS - we have them in most of the boxes, and we have a doozy of a recipe for them too.

From Swan Hill, CAULIFLOWER and from Gippsland a new batch of BROCCOLI will be the usual brassicas for the week. Broccoli slowing down considerably.

Greens for the week will be a pick of black KALE from Monbulk, SILVERBEET from Labertouche and baby SPINACH from Pearcedaale for the smaller boxes.

We’re also going to include quarter bunches of CELERY, just because they’re massive!

And expect plenty of baby cos LETTUCE from Mornington - they've been excellent. For Vic boxes, new pick of RADISH also from down the Peninsula.

Root veg for the boxes will be a mix KOHLRABI from Swan Hill, PARSNIP and BEETROOT from up north.

EGGPLANT is back on the menu, and in the Mixed Choice boxes. New season CAPSICUM continues with a mix of multi coloured variety and BULLHORN.

For fruit, we have PINK GRAPEFRUIT as an inclusion in the boxes, more NAVEL ORANGES. And apples will be most likely LADY WILLIAMS from Red Hill.

BANANA are expected to be short (and up in price) for a few weeks - growers across Queensland have been hit by plant disease that is affecting many.

STRAWBERRIES are back, and MANGO starts - soft and ready to eat, although with the tartness from being slightly underripe (if you like that).

Great value on AVOCADO now just 3 for $4; and BLUEBERRIES $6.50 a punnet.



Easy Baked Artichoke

Crispy Smashed Potatoes With Mashed Broad Beans


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