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baby cos lettuce and ruby chard
are this weeks greens for veg boxes
baby cos lettuce and ruby chard
are this weeks greens for veg boxes
Week 50 - Labertouche Eggplant and Tomato, biodynamic Cucumber, late pick Celeriac, Sweet Corn and Honeydew

Week 50 - Labertouche Eggplant and Tomato, biodynamic Cucumber, late pick Celeriac, Sweet Corn and Honeydew

For the last week of the year (!) do we go with salad veg or roasting veg?

We’ve tried to mix it up a little - plenty of summer salad veg in cucumber, lettuce and tomato; along with new season sweet corn, capsicum, and of course carrots and spuds.

Less leafy greens, and slightly more fruit than normal too.

Enjoy the last weeks veg box and eat well over the break 😀

Graham & Food Garden crew

PS. Choose from one of our box selection, and let us know your “no list”; or make one of your own by choosing the vegetables and fruit you prefer.



The MIXED Food Box contains a selection of:

carrots, onions, potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, capsicum, zucchini, lettuce, sweet corn, spinach, apples, banana, oranges, apricot, rockmelon, honeydew

The VICTORIAN Food Box contains a selection of:

carrots, beetroot, snowpeas, broad beans, eggplant, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, leek, fennel, tomato, zucchini, lettuce, spinach, apples, oranges, nectarines, apricots. avocado



From Labertouche and Gippsland, more summer produce is being picked with new season EGGPLANT starting this week, and joining the delicious TOMATO and CUCUMBER we’ve had for a number of weeks.

LEBANESE CUCUMBER also coming from Darren in Inverleigh, who has also just started picking BEETROOT and doing one last pick of CELERIAC for Christmas roast vegies.

New grower for ZUCCHINI from Yarra Valley, with their first pick of the season - plenty around at the moment hence the large drop in price over the past few weeks.

Local CAPSICUM has not yet started, these ones coming from up north for now, but decent value at the moment.

We waited a few weeks for the SWEET CORN, and this week they’ve started in earnest and now 2 for $4.

Ronald in Campbelltown is doing one last pick of BROAD BEANS for Christmas week - you’ll find them in the Victorian boxes instead of SNOW PEAS this week.

Mixed Choice boxes should have BEANS or biodynamic SNOW PEAS from Nyah.

BROCCOLI from Mornington is having a decent couple weeks, and CAULIFLOWER from Silvan is slowing down - very little around now.

ASPARAGUS looks to be finished also - wasn't the best year for the asparagus crop, after what was a pretty decent start to the season.

Biodynamic HONEYDEW in the large Mixed Choice boxes for something a little different. WATERMELON (with seeds) also starts this week.

PEACHES and NECTARINES are pretty scarce this week unfortunately - we’ll do our best to source them for Christmas week. APRICOT is the more local crop, and should be pretty abundant.

BERRIES should be pretty abundant for the Christmas week - we’ll have RASPBERRIES and BLACKBERRIES from near Dromana, BLUEBERRIES from up north and STRAWBERRIES from Daylesford. All tasting well and holding up well at the moment.



Shakshuka with Zucchini and Capsicum

Sweet Potato, Capsicum And Eggplant Bake


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