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new season wombok, celeriac and
daikon radish as winter rolls on
new season wombok, celeriac and
daikon radish as winter rolls on
Week 47 - Spring Onion, Bullhorn Capsicum, Snow Peas, Oak Lettuce, Red Cabbage and Apricots

Week 47 - Spring Onion, Bullhorn Capsicum, Snow Peas, Oak Lettuce, Red Cabbage and Apricots

A mix of Summer salad veg and Autumn brassicas in this week's boxes. Expect spring onion, bullhorns, tomato, cucumber, cauliflower, cabbage and broccolini bunches.

For everyone making your own order and box, beans, snow peas, tomato, cucumber and zucchini are all excellent value.

Stone fruit looks to be excellent eating already with peaches, apricots joining nectarines.

Eat well,

PS. Choose from one of our box selection, and let us know your “no list”; or make one of your own by choosing the vegetables and fruit you prefer.



The MIXED Food Box contains a selection of:

carrots, onions, potato, sweet potato, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, beans, cucumber, fennel, capsicum, tomato, zucchini, lettuce, spring onion, spinach, apples, banana, oranges, apricot, mandarin, mango

The VICTORIAN Food Box contains a selection of:

onions, beetroot, snowpeas, asparagus, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, leek, fennel, tomato, zucchini, lettuce, spring onion, radish, silverbeet, spinach, apples, oranges, nectarines, avocado



From Harcourt Gung Hoe Growers up the road, we have the final pick of SPRING ONION - smaller bunches than usual, and will be in most of the veg boxes.

LETTUCE will be a mix of Oak from Monbulk, Baby Cos from Labertouche and larger Cos from up north.

New pick of BULLHORN CAPSICUM is back - local growers haven’t started yet, so these are from northern growers.

RED CABBAGE for the Mixed Choice and GREEN CABBAGE for the Vic boxes.

Plenty of nice sized CAULIFLOWER from Silvan in Melbourne's east, and new BROCCOLINI from Bairnsdale is favoured as the broccoli crop slows.

Labertouche TOMATO has been sensational, and elicited a lot of pleasant comments - this week's Vic boxes will have them again, and the Mixed Choice will have Queensland tomatoes that are on special this week.

CUCUMBER also coming from Labertouche Farms in Gippsland.

BEANS are from up north, great price again; and SNOW PEAS are now from Nyah in Vic’s north, excellent value also.

PUMPKIN is slowing down and will be taking a break until the new local season - we will have BUTTERNUT this week and perhaps next.

A new pick of TURNIP from Colac is arriving as we say farewell to Celeriac, Parsnip and Kohlrabi for another year.

BEETROOT has had a second wind though, and new pick with leaves will be arriving for most of the veg boxes.

For fruit, more news on stone fruit, with small APRICOT and ripe PEACHES arriving from across the border.

For Vic boxes we have Swan Hill yellow NECTARINES in the larger boxes.

Daylesford STRAWBERRIES have been sensational - looking forward to a long season for these beauties.

And Mildura red GRAPEFRUIT looks to be finished for the season.



Vibrant Roasted Cauliflower Salad

Cabbage, Potato And Spring Onion Subji


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